Pattara Asset Corporation Co., Ltd is a packaging designer and manufacturer, including automotive packaging. We have an opportunity to create high-quality packaging for the global leading automotive part and electronic manufacturer. We not only utilize automation in our production but also select the suitable material from the vast selection of materials to make a perfect fit for each work under a reasonable budget

Every step, process, and procedure of Pattara Asset is done with our intention to produce high-quality packaging for our customers. The international standard systems that have been used in our company brought us to win the prize and reach many standards.


Estimate SIT Ayutthaya Design & Manufacturing


Estimate Company in the Eastwest for Packing Service & W/H


Estimate SIT2 Material Injection Plastic & EPS-EPP Foam


Chang the company’s name to  Pattara Asset Coporation Co.,Ltd.

Pattara Asset intends to develop our company by increasing the quality of our service both as the complete automotive part packaging solution and world-class automotive part manufacturer. With the ultimate goal to pridefully step up as a public company.

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